Antonio Sarcevic in a green shirt, smiling and looking upward and to the right off camera

Antonio Sarcevic

excited byย ui development




Core Values

Balance, Open Mindedness, Clear Communication, Honesty & Joy


Love to craft User Experiences with semantic HTML, modern CSS, TypeScript, SvelteKit and Figma.

Have experience with Angular, Firebase, Docker, GitHub Actions, GitlabCI, Cypress, Playwright, Web Components, Ruby on Rails, Vue, NodeJS, Python, Java and C#.

+5 years

Worked as a web developer since 2019.

Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Media and Communications Informatics.


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Recent Tracks

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  2. Mulatu Astatke โ€“ Emnete 4 hours ago
  3. Stan Getz โ€“ Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars) 4 hours ago
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  5. Alemayehu Eshete โ€“ Alteleyeshegnem 4 hours ago

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Top Albums: Last 3 Months

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