Antonio Sarcevic uses...

This is my page. Enjoy! 🌸


I use Visual Studio Code as my code editor, terminal emulator, git ui and even rest client via the Thunder Client extension. It’s nice having everything in one place. I might end up learning vim one day and moving more to the terminal, but not yet.

For added flair I’m using a fork of Vitesse Theme called Sveltesse Theme with a more orange color palette. My current Monospace Font is Iosevka Extended.

Here are 3 random Extensions I could not live without: Code Spell Checker, Git Graph and Svelte 3 Snippets.

To make the terminal less scary, I like to use Fig, which brings Intellisense-style autocompletion to any terminal.

My laptop is a MacBook Pro, and at my IKEA BEKANT standing desk I use a single Dell S3222DGM 32-inch 1440p display. My keyboard is a Keychron K8 with RGB backlight, aluminium frame and hot-swappable Gateron Red switches and my mouse a Logitech MX Vertical. I sit on a Ergotopia NextBack.


I’m using Google Chrome as my coding and main browser. I try to switch to a different Browser, be it Firefox, Opera, Brave or Arc, I’ve always gone back after a day or two.

That might be because I’m deeply entrenched in the Google ecosystem. Calendar, Gmail and Keep I use ever day, while Photos, Drive, Docs and Sheets are my go to apps for those use cases.

I use Obsidian as a habit tracker, journal, and task list app. While I’m not 100% happy with the setup, it get’s the job done pretty well. I also use it for writing on occasion.

To make macOS usable, I need AltTab and LinearMouse installed.

I’m using Raycast for launching apps, quickly searching the web, window management, clipboard history, keeping on track of my schedule, calculations and converting units, and thats just the build in stuff. Integrations like Spotify, Bitwarden, Authy and Linear are super helpful and some useful extensions I want to list are are Pomodoro (which I abuse as a sit/stand timer), HTTP Status Codes, Port Manager and Kill Process.


Like I said I’m firmly in the grasp of Google and so I’m currently rocking a black Pixel 5. It’s screen has been repaired two times since I owned it and it’s generally starting to show it’s age, especially the battery, so I’m looking to upgrade soon. Since I’m so good at smashing my phones I should probably get a Fairphone 5 already, but I feel thats too big of a phone. I’m looking to get a Pixel 8 when it comes out, but I’m also eying the ASUS Zenfone 10 for it’s compact size.


I love music. I primarily listen to music on Spotify, because convenience, but I do have a sizable collection of CDs, vinyl and digitally bought MP3s. To rip the CDs and manage MP3s I use use MusicBee, which is the best iTunes 9 replacement ever, but sadly Windows only. Oto Music is my MP3 player android app of choice for on the go offline music sessions. I spin my vinyl on a Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB. To track my listening habits I use, but the Spotify integration has been pretty rocky these past months…

For listening I use a Sennheiser Game One headset at my desk. Otherwise, it’s either my Sony WH-1000XM3 over-ear headphones, or Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds. Great names Sony BTW, so easy to differentiate in bluetooth menus, yes yes very fun.

#Video Games

I have a custom gaming PC that I Ship of Theseus’d since 2011. It used to be my all around computer, but now it’s hooked up only to my TV and auto-launches Steam into Big Picture Mode for the occasional gaming session. I also love to play on my Steam Deck and the occasional Nintendo exclusive on my Switch. I also have a PlayStation 2, Wii and Wii U hooked up for some retro gaming.


I have multiple fingerboard setups, but my main one is a Yellowood 34cm with colored wood design, Chrome/Tiffany X5 Ytrucks and Ywheels Y4 DualGreen Asymmetric shape.


For trips or grocery shopping I like to use my 8000Kicks Everyday Backpack in Beige and Green, but I also have a smaller Green Golf Wang Backpack for lighter packing needs.